2019 (First Episode) : Year of Artificial Intelligence

2019 Artificial Intelligence

With Omni-Channel experience now an old term, this region needs to make some large strides when it comes to engagement with technology. Year 2019 will be the year of artificial intelligence globally and companies in the region will have to take notice. The red shift companies will jump on the bandwagon while slow movers will see their market share shrink.

The forces in play are two fold:

Effect of GDPR on marketing in 2019:
European consumers now have a right to view the profile information any brands store for them. Studies have shown consumers are using their “right to forget” for the brands that are not cautious about what is marketed. Artificial intelligence and context-based personas are imperative for data to be used effectively. Market only what the consumer believes is valuable to them. Otherwise over mining of data or irrelevant marketing will cause consumers to delete their data; resulting in less data with the organization.

Chatbots and Voice Bots in 2019:
With Google proudly presenting a live demo of their AI powered voice bot in May 2018, things have moved quite fast. With over 100 million smart assistants already in homes across the globe and over 15 million sold every quarter, the voice search will increase its share in eCommerce. Thankfully, Amazon, IBM Watson and others have released these as cloud based services so even SMEs can utilize these services. Chatbots are imperative for social media where numbers are still increasing across the globe. These need to be AI driven as manning 24/7 on social require a minimum of 6 people including shift-based work and weekend coverage which can become abhorrently expensive.

Centric is a digital agency with a long list of transformative projects for private sector as well as government. With cloud based modelling from the likes of Amazon, IBM and others, these technologies can be within your budget if you decide to move forward.

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