3 Ways Brands Used Snapchat for Influencer Marketing

Snapchat Group Selfie

In line with the concept that people are much more likely to trust the suggestion of a close friend, they are similarly more willing to believe or at the very least consider, the opinion of a celebrity they trust. This is how Leonardo DiCaprio is able to rally immense support and petition sign ups for his environment saving initiatives and how Zuckerberg’s involvement in the Ice Bucket Challenge made it a viral sensation. With this in mind, brands should consider finding influencers that match the mindframe and tone of their target audiences, as well as have the innate engagement skills to remain captivating in their message delivery.

Behind the Scenes

If your brand is sponsoring KLCC Fashion week, work with an influencer to share a different side to the event and how your brand is playing an inspirational role in the event. The influencer should work with your branded content team to tell stories that match his or her organic narrative and style, while also roping in your brand’s commercial message. If the snaps look too staged, the influencer loses his or her audience trust and your brand’s authenticity could also nose dive. Trust the influencer and work with your agency to align interests.

Helping Hand

As an app, Snapchat is known for taking up a sizable amount of data space in smartphones as well as causing batteries to heat up quickly. In light of an insight of the user’s experience with the app, you can tie in the solution element of your brand with the app and an influencer. Have your agency lineup with early adopters that share life hacks for instance, and have them tag your brand/service in their text box for their followers to be redirected to a influencer specific promotion. You can even prompt your influencer to encourage his followers to take a screenshot of the image to act as a digital coupon, great for driving footfall.

Cause Marketing

Brands participating in Breast Cancer Awareness month in October should engage influencers to help them raise funds for the cause. One of the best ways to do this and gain new followers is to let influencer marketing take over your brand’s Snapchat account for the campaign duration, be it a month, week or even a day. The influencer’s on Snapchat account will redirect followers to the brand page in question, driving engagement and encouraging followers to take part in actions that benefit the cause. If your brand solves a problem and has varying approaches to solving it, marketers can also engage influencers to share 10 second tips on how they best suggest solving said problem with the brand. For example, what shade of lipstick to use taking selfies in the rain.

For the most part, influencers aren’t actors, they’re people. So it’s in a brand’s best interest to let them be themselves and create content that they feel best matches with your brand goals and their own persona’s. When it’s authentic, everyone wins.

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