4 broad themes we need to consider moving forward

Digital Marketing
We are almost entering the last quarter of 2017. Many companies are busy with 2018 planning. Digital marketing continues to evolve but there are 4 major themes to be considered while developing strategies moving forward.
    1. Video will get bigger:  This is by no means surprising, considering all the recent changes Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Instagram have made to their video offerings.   Even though not all features are available in our markets yet, it’s still important to put together an action plan. Tactics that complement specific features of each channel need to be developed.
    1. Personalisation is key:  It’s important to ensure a more granular level analysis is done on collected data to personalise the message.  According to HubSpot personalised call-to-action convert 42% better.
    1. AI powered data analytics:  Advancement of AI has had a direct impact on datamining.  This will continue to gain more focus as more industries/companies adopt systems and tools powered by AI.  Hacker Noon has an updated list of tools.  Ofcourse choosing the right tool involves a rigorous evaluation based on the industry, business model, customer base and the marketing mix.
  1. SEO and content :  ‘Virtual assistants’ market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.6% during the period 2017-2021.  Nearly one-third of US population will use voice assistants by 2019 and our markets are known for early adoption of technology trends.  Impact of this on search will be immense and the need for a cohesive strategy between SEO and content is higher than ever before.
These themes assume varying emphasis across industries.  Major consumer brands might need a more aggressive video strategy while local retail brands need a sharper focus on personalisation, especially if ecommerce is available.  Data analytics is applicable to all industries but at varying degrees of sophistication.  SEO/content synergy is must for all industries, with or without the impact of voice activated search.

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Hamna Anwar

About the Author Hamna Anwar

Hamna Anwar is the director of innovation at Centric, leading projects around digital startups and helping them achieve commercial success with localised business models. She can be reached on [email protected]