4 Companies That Could Beat Google Home

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Google Home may well be the only company actively pursuing the monetization of voice-based search, but that doesn’t mean that there are no threats looming. These are the four companies we think could give them a run:

1. Microsoft

Rumored to be building Home Hub, a software alternative to compete against Google Home and Amazon Echo, Microsoft’s voice command would be accessible from the lock screen, imparting on voice recognition based unlocks. They have the added advantage of being the preferred software company of baby boomers, arguably the least sexy but most wealthy customer segment to have in your corner.

2. Apple

When Apple opened Siri to 3rd party developers through an API, it sent a signal of what’s to come. Now allowing apps to activate Siri’s voice commands means that a voice activated a smart home device is in the works. Beyond recommendations, monetization is unknown but it could tie in well to an entire ecosystem if Apple acquires five companies in 2017.

3. Amazon

Along with being a potential rival against Google for online advertising, Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace and can recommend products with the highest ratings in its depository. Data on customer browsing behavior, wish lists, purchase behavior, transaction details and shipping locations is a treasure trove for intent. Amazon’s Alexa has launched two years ahead of Google Home, giving it the best go to market advantage ever known.

4. Samsung

Before Apple took over Siri, it could make reservations, call a taxi and buy tickets. It wouldn’t be long before Samsung re-enter the voice-based search foray. Last year, an artificial intelligence system called Viv was publicly demonstrated, prompting a bidding war with Samsung as the winner.

All said and done, by 2020 advertising technology is going to change. Companies that invest today to become partners on voice monetization will stand a chance. Pick one of the companies listed above and get on the offense.

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