5 A/B Tests Digital Marketers Must Run

A/B tests

A/B tests are a method for comparing the performance of two communications in a statistically significant manner. It’s essential for campaign optimization. Digital marketing is a never ending game of testing and optimizing.

Button & Link Test

Sometimes it pays to have a button, sometimes a link. It varies across customer segments, product categories, occasions, and the like. This is the easiest test anyone can run for you. We use buttons as the call to action in our Insights weekly newsletter and it works phenomenally well. It’s a matter of breaking away from the clutter, repetitive visuals desensitize site visitors and email recipients so just because your competition is doing something, doesn’t mean you should too. While it’s an assist, rank this in its contribution towards conversions.

Postscript Test

Again, declutter the marketing message. Do what no one else is doing. Postscripts were hot in the past and they are back. End your emails or marketing messages with this tactic that allows you to organically readdress the recipient by name. So “P.S. Ayesha, this offer expires tomorrow” goes a long way. Of the 5 Types of Emails That Grow Customer Lifetime Value, this works best in the first email you send a new customer.


Call to Action Test

The folks over at Cowlar are ballsy. Instead of “buy now” or “shop now”, the IoT company is offering site visitors to join their waiting list, signaling more demand than they can supply. Our work with eCommerce companies shows that using “shop now” eases the site visitor, easing them into browsing more. We use this on segments that are revisiting our client sites because we want them to experience what else the site has to offer. We use buy now first-time visitors and those landing on the page from offers and campaigns, such as April Fools Day. You may want to experiment with Roman Arabic copy, like “Yalla, Habibi” from time to time just to see the results in the MENA region. Expats love feeling involved.

Pull Quote Test

Take an excerpt from your best on-site copy and highlight it prominently, adding links or buttons (see above) as an addition path to conversion. You can experiment with the quote itself or a paraphrased version of the quote, the point is to highlight a key selling point.

Preheader Test

Ever seen an email that says “This is the preheader”? Yeah, that can be edited and it tends to appear in the inbox next to the subject line as well and at the top of the email once it’s opened. First impressions are everything so modify the test to reflect your brand’s personality and voice. Be sure to test variations that intend to be backup calls to action.

There are an infinite number of tests you can run and these five are the easiest to put together. It’s important to get started with C2 and build your understanding of tests over a period of time.

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