5 Companies Apple Should Acquire in 2017


Rumor has it that Apple Inc has filed for a patent the forthcoming iPhone 8 that will feature 3-D selfies, augmented reality and driverless cars. Furthermore, strategically placed analysts close to Apple Inc. have hinted that the company is investing in an advanced facial recognition technology that would compliment fingerprint phone unlocking as well as serve as an avatar for mobile gaming.

In light of Apple Inc’s forward-thinking approach towards its ecosystem, we believe the American multinational technology company will have to branch out of its core in consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. Five acquisitions or strategic partnerships that Apple Inc should consider.

1. Netflix

On the 16th of March 2007, Netflix had a market cap of US$ 3 billion. Today the market cap of Netflix is well over US$ 62 billion. After YouTube (and the recently launched YouTube TV) and Hulu, it is a market leader in video streaming. CNN recently launched CNNgo and signed on millennial influencers in an attempt to catch up with Netflix. An acquisition or partnership with giving users of Apple Inc devices access to exclusive content ahead of other Netflix customers and subscribers. It allows Netflix to access cord cutters with ease and help optimize the recommendation engine.

2. SoundCloud

A key strategic acquisition for Apple Inc would have to be with SoundCloud, a preferred platform by up & coming artists and musicians, in sync with Apple Inc’s creativity first positioning. The German audio distribution platform has enjoyed recent success in raising funding and is in dire need of an ecosystem partner, an area Apple Inc excels in. Similar to Adobe’s acquisition of Behance, acquiring SoundCloud gives Apple Inc access to a community of creators, extending into Beats as well as exclusive content for iTunes.

3. Careem

While Uber is riddled with controversy, both with its internal and external stakeholders, Careem is not. Apple Inc recently invested US$ 1 billion into China’s Didi Chuxing, a move that is part of a larger strategy in building an ecosystem. Making the same trade with the top ride-sharing company in the Middle East is a no-brainer.


It would signal one of the most aggressive examples of talent-based acquisition. IDEO was the first company that Apple Inc’s iconic mouse. Its name has become synonymous with design and that is brand equity Phil Schiller cannot afford to be accessible to others in the market.

5. Adobe

The king of strategic acquisitions needs to be acquired. Adobe has been the facilitator of creativity in multimedia, creativity software products and rich internet application development. It’s Adobe Marketing Cloud is adored by our clients and it has a proven aptitude for community development. Exclusive Adobe apps for creators, producers, filmmakers, and designers will grow value for customers in the long run and brand preference.

In following through with the aforementioned recommend strategic alliances and acquisitions,  Apple Inc will attain wider access to a customer base, business channels and segments around creativity, design and the Internet of Things.

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