5 Peculiarities of Lead Generation Landing Pages

Lead Generation Landing Pages

A campaign has to end somewhere. Redirect all the traffic across the marketing funnel towards lead generation landing pages that exude trust and promise.

Here’s what we make sure of:

1. Trust Badge

Whether its VeraSign, Norton, SiteLock, or Trust Guard – we have a badge in plain view to let the site visitor know that trust goes both ways. The site they are landing on will do its part in preserving the customer data, for the better. Some companies get badges that validate their product claims, such as the “Halal” stamp, Google Partners, or even the S&P rating system.

2. Content Smarts

Keep it limited and to the point where applicable and use pointers or bullet points. See how we’re taking our own brand journalism advice here? The headline should convey the value the reader will be rewarded with, the copy should focus on the promise and the bullet points should build up towards a grand finale of a form.

3. Simplistic Form

A/B test between long and short forms, but never go overboard with information requests. Offer something in return for filling out all the forms slots and use colour cues to remind the site visitor of items, as well as a (?) box to clarify what the box is asking for and clarify any misconceptions. The call to action should be clear and change colour has the form is being filled. This creates a sense of urgency, driving compulsion to fill and click send. Test out variations of what this CTA button will look like, sound like (when clicked), and whether or not it’s colour will change in accordance with a form being filled or not. Ideas are wonderful, execution is everything. Pick the idea that wins the A/B test.

4. Imprison Them

Well not really, but the landing page should offer no other route except the option to close the page or fill the form to reach the CTA. There’s nothing wrong with that, it just informs you of the audience intent. Lead generation landing pages are weakened with off page navigation choices.

5. CTA Copy

This is one of the most underrated components of lead generation landing pages. Depending on what the goal of your product or service is, we recommend experimenting with multiple options of the call to action copy. Sometimes the rationale to convert is subjective, other times objective. Non-profit organisations have found success experimenting and tip-toeing around conclusive terms such as “Contribute” instead of “Donate”, experiencing a trifecta of conversions as a result. Conduct a mindmap of the words associated with the positive, tangible or intangible emotions around using your product or service, and experiment often.

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