5 SEO Tactics to Improve Local Ranking

Improve Local Ranking

When determining how to rank a local search, Google values relevance, distance, and prominence. Unless your business has a deal with Fitbit and is far from the searcher, it is unlikely your location will appear as a suggestion following a search. Before starting location based search marketing, it’s exigent to establish and improve local ranking.

1. Verify.

Imagine standing in JLT and looking for a coffee shop nearby. The results suggest places in Media City. Don’t blame Google, blame the absence of effort to improve local ranking. The first step any business must take is to verify their location, instead of simply pinning it. Verification can happen by email, phone, or by the Search Console. Doing so allows the listing to appear on Maps, Search, other digital properties of Google. Click here to get started.

2. Hours

Update your business hours so they reflect special occasions such as Mothers Day or even weekends. Doing so can help the listing reflect the time it has been searched for. You can even add gaps to accommodate breaks for prayers.

3. Reviews

Respond to them to improve local ranking. A high-quality review sends positive signals to Google but positive responses signal an interest to engage with the pleased and renew relationships with the aggrieved. When low star ratings are turned around, the algorithm is pleased to rank a business that prioritises its customers. The cycle, in turn, encourages more reviews because the only feeling better than leaving a feedback is being rewarded for it.

4. Photos

Help Google map your location with pictures of the interior and exterior of the outlet. Photos that are accurate, well lit, and appealing are the first touchpoint to pique intent based search and purchase. Improve local ranking by encouraging outlet visitors to share their photo-based reviews on the Local Guide community.

5. Content

Make sure the content relating to your listing includes the keyword in the business title, an inbound anchor text, quality domains linking to the site, and quality citation volume. You should also encourage check-ins with incentives such as free cookies or even smaller relevant trinkets. This signals to Google that people like your business enough to advertise their presence, implication the business as a relevant point of interest. Invest in digital PR by reaching out to blogs & publications to come review your offers, products, deals, and write favourably about them while linking to your domain.

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