6 Marketing Channels to Market at Moms

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Since 2015, we have helped Danone celebrate mothers with My Future Champion, a platform that educates new mums on raising a child through formative years. As far as marketing channels go, it has been immensely effective due to its quality content, targeting capabilities, community effect, and more importantly the fact that it is consistent all year around.

And that makes a big difference, marketing to mums even when its offseason. So for this article, I am going to share the six marketing channels my team exploits to reach mums when they least expect it. In essence, this list lines up with the calendar that mums have all year around, and exists at the touchpoints at which they seek to shine. Brands that want to celebrate mums should tap into the following marketing channels.

1. First Child Events

It’s a statistical fact that first time parents spend more on their first child. So have a presence at the graduation events at your local kindergarten. Millennials are all about putting up content that reinforces the brand image they have created for themselves, and millennial mums will be all about celebrating even the most minor milestones in the life of their first child. If your product can be categorised as a gift, clothing, or food item for celebrations, be present on this day. Contact the kindergarten’s in your city and set up a meetup.

2. End of School Year

If your brand is celebratory enough to be a part or core of catering and party supplies, be ready to pounce. Mums are often roped in to organise the class parties and are somewhat pressured to honour as well as gift the teachers. Check back on brand alignments so the product and the messaging are in tact. If your product is positioned like 800Flower and seeks to pamper women, be seen as the must have gift, service, or gift card.

3. Ramadan Piling

Food businesses have the opportunity to market themselves to moms that want their child to be fasting for the first time. If your product can keep the offspring of a millennial satiated and full for over twelve hours, go out their and market it to them where mums congregate. Sampling is king.

4. Back to School

School starts in August but the planning starts in May. Play the long game and engage parents that are prepping their children to return to school. Do the same for parents of newbound college kids. No doubt, mothers take the lead to shop for college dorm room their child will be staying in, or helping with apartment shopping. If your real estate business promises safety and convenience, reach the influencer for life known as mom.

5. Celebratory Dining

When the GCC region turns up the heat, moms can’t stand the kitchen. Food brands must share recipes that incorporate their product with an open kitchen setting, incentivizing sharing for more access. Based on the most read recipes, cross sell items across the consumption line such as desserts and appetizers.

6. Mother’s Day

The one day in a year when moms are celebrated by the children they live for. Where relevant, align your brand with this day and contribute towards funds and NGO’s that support single moms. Foster a community of inclusive business that helps moms across income streams to truly line up with those struggling.


Step into the shoes of your customer and know what her world revolves around. Then have a helpful presence at each touchpoint and be the brand she think of whenever a new items pops into her calendar. The word of mouth after effects with compound your bottom line.

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