AR and VR – these technologies are gaining momentum


We wrote about Augmented Reality becoming more mainstream with Facebook, Google and Apple integrating these technologies in their product offerings.  As per reports, Apple iOS11 scheduled for launch in September will an ARKit.  This is Apple’s homegrown technology for enabling developers to build AR apps.  Google had earlier announced their VR ambitions.  Google has plans to support the developers with creating VR content and help them monetise this content through advertising.    A recent patent application by Facebook, supposedly for their AR glasses, reveals few more details about it.  It’s designed to look more like a regular pair of glasses and the features include audio playing through connected devices.

AR is already proving it can have real business applications.  AR in dentistry provides the patient with the much needed ‘preview’ to show how the teeth will look post the procedure or even how it should look by choosing different options within the procedure.  Changi Airport recently announced their plans to equip their ground staff with AR glasses so that they can, in real time, see the details of the cargo like weight, loading sequence and allocated position within the aircraft through a QR code.  There are more advertisers now adopting AR technology for creating immersive mobile experience for their consumers.

However, adoption of VR by the advertising industry will depend a lot on how simple and easy the access to hardware will be.  But companies like omnivirt and vertebrae are already providing many options for advertisers.  According to Abigail Posner, Head of Strategic Planning at Zoo (Google), VR allows brands to move from ‘story telling’ to ‘story living’.  As an example Guinness recently offered a VR experience for customers across TESCO supermarkets in UK where an VR environment was created comprising of colours, shapes and sounds to enhance their perception of each flavour.

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