Automating Government Relations Department for United Arab Emirates’ Firms

The GovTech Maturity Index by World Bank (GTMI) is a measurement tool that provides a comprehensive view of the nation’s digital transformation and performance.

The GTMI is calculated with four measurements:

– Core Government Systems: The Federal Government’s ability to maintain and deliver services through digital channels.

– Public Service Delivery: State Governments’ ability to provide services to citizens through digital channels.

– Citizen Engagement: Local Governments’ ability to engage citizens digitally.

– Enabling Infrastructure: The Nation’s digital infrastructure, including broadband access and cybersecurity.

The World Bank GovTech Report ranks the United Arab Emirates as the leading country in the GCC region in using technology to deliver public services. The report ranked the UAE first in the region, followed by Saudi Arabia in second place and Qatar in third.

World Bank Report highlights that there are a number of reasons why UAE ranks higher than other countries on their list. One of these reasons is due to their strong commitment to open data and e-participation. UAE ranks first for open data and second for e-participation out of all other countries on this list.

The government relations department is the liaison between a company and the government. They are responsible for ensuring that the company is following all of the regulations and laws in order to avoid any penalties or fines. The government relations department has to be proactive, which means they need to stay on top of any new developments that might affect their organization.

This can be difficult because there are many archaic systems that are still in use by this department. This includes printing everything out, which is not only time-consuming but also expensive as well as collecting at a slow pace.

All businesses have to comply with government regulations whether for work visas for expats or work permits for locals. It is important to provide an environment where the new employees feel welcomed and appreciated. A negative onboarding experience will lead to low morale and high turnover rates in the company.

Centric developed a solution to automate the process of in-organization government relations (OGRS). This is done by automating processes like visas, medicals, compliance, amongst a list of around 130 processes.

OGRS is a web-based application that is used for managing government relations. It has a feature to connect with Oracle and SAP for Master Records and payroll. OGRS can be integrated with SharePoint to store documents, which is a great way of keeping all the information in one place.

The Centric OGRS is a solution that is created to help people navigate their way through the initial onboarding period as well as automate and enhance the output of Government relations department of every organization in United Arab Emirates.

The three portals are all part of the Centric OGRS, but each one serves a different purpose. The self-onboarding portal helps users find and sign up for visas, family, visit visas, maid visas, other compliance processes. The medical insurance portal provides information on what medical insurance plans are available to the employees and helps the organization in registering the employee including automating all paperwork. Finally, the government relations portal is for Government relations employees to ensure all the checklist documents are collected; automatically generate salary certificates and other company documents to submit without missing out on any documents.

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