Brand Engagement with Voice Based IoT

Voice Based IoT

As digital marketing reaches mainstream dominance and is slaughtered by adblocking, our approach for brand engagement briefs has been to suggest the alternative and well-received route for voice based IoT.

Interfaces that rely on finger-based inputs don’t generally facilitate a brand in its quest to deliver personalised experiences at the same scale as voice based IoT. For brand activation sites and the users that engage with them, there is a need for greater bandwidth of data pertaining to inputs. A great solution for better context has been to rely on external connected sensors and devices to augment communication.

Unlike its screen based counterpart, voice-based IoT presents a challenge in being unable to visualise search results. Imagine asking for options and being verbally informed about the top ten options. It’s unlikely that the listener will be able to recall any of the options past the fourth. To work around this, systems will have to know what the user prefers based on their voluntarily submitted metadata. Which is why we combined voice based IoT of artificial intelligence to deliver personalised results.

With past purchase history, and past intent based search data, Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home are in a better position that most to deliver these contextual results. Companies would do well to take advantage of Amazon’s recent presence in the Middle East and establish early testing relationships for Echo for their regional Arabic language segments.

What marketers will need to custom design is how they define calls to action and bid on specific brand or generic words that they want to be associated with their offers. The platform will push back if engagement stats reveal user dissonance from loss of control. Voice based responses from brands will need to be focused on brand journalism, with a suggestive tone instead of an assertive one.

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