3 Fundamentals of Campaign Attribution

campaign attribution

From the awareness to the conversion component of the customer journey funnel, the success of campaign attribution has always been a tricky factoid to credit. Due to silos, marketers have a hard time figuring out which marketing channel assisted which stage of the ‘assists’ in the customer journey towards the preset goals of the campaign.

Here’s how we get around this issue:

1. Owned Media

The properties that are solely that of your brand, for instance, the website, are owned media. The house a complete set of data. And they give your brand greater control over the customer experience. Even more so than paid media. Collect the data, analyse it and establish campaign attribution. Be ready to look at the past and current data to note what didn’t work, applying the solution mindset going forward.

2. Lifetime Value

The drive for customer acquisition often blinds marketers to the possibility of extracting more value from the same customer. So instead of spending AED 1 on a customer and selling them AED 10 worth of items just once, invest in cross-selling the items that compliment the original purchase. This justifies the initial cost of acquisition and builds an advocate list for the long term. Use C2 to build out segments and define them by demographic and behavioristic factors.

3. Keyword Strategy

Before investing in a keyword, test whether it’s performing well in the first place. Do this with owned media such as an email campaign or an internal web search. Understand the intent behind the search word being used. You would be benefiting more by investing attention towards phrase choices that imply bulk purchases for the long term rather than one-off purchases.


Going beyond paid media for campaign attribution is about having a holistic customer experience view for brand building. Pull in information from all sides to draw factual conclusions as to what is driving the business results you want. Then take action.

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