Branding In Asia Announces Mazrui International Digital Launches

The client, technology and creative teams at Centric DXB were credited in this story from Branding In Asia on a record-breaking digital property launch project undertaken by our MENA team.

The group companies were:

1. Sichem LLC
2. Sigma Oilfield Division
3. Sigma Engineering Works LLC
4. Sigma Inspection Services LLC
5. Petrochem Performance Chemicals Limited L.L.C.

Click here to read the launch details.

Gulf Business Wants to Know the Future of Digital Marketing

Usman Khalid, the founder & CEO of Centric DXB, sat with Robert Anderson of Gulf Business to share his outlook for the digital advertising market in 2016.

He also shared macro and micro perspectives on the direction the industry was heading as well as hinting at a possible Asia Pacific expansion.

Click here to read the full interview in Gulf Business.