Centric DXB Appoints Muhammad Adil as iOS Lead

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Originally published with Marcomm News.

Centric DXB announced the appointment of Muhammad Adil as iOS Lead of the office in Pakistan.

This marks the first top-level technical appointment made by Ahsan Khalid, the newly promoted Technical Director of Centric DXB since declaring his vision for the agency which focuses on bridging the gap between imagination and implementation, while ensures that the concepts developed by the creative department can fly within the technical parameters.

Usman Khalid, founder & CEO of Centric DXB said: “It is hugely satisfying for me that Mr. Adil is taking the lead on iOS for Centric DXB’s office in Pakistan. We are confident that he will take Centric DXB’s products to a new stage of sustained growth. We are thrilled that he has accepted this challenge and has committed to hit the ground running.”

Commenting on his appointment, Mr. Adil said: “It is an honor to be approached by Centric DXB, one of the few digital strategy focused marketing agencies in Middle East. I thank Usman and Ahsan for their support and trust in choosing me to lead iOS for Centric DXB in Pakistan. It will certainly be a challenge to oversee client side projects and agency side products, stepping into a role within a firm with big ambitions and a clear vision.”

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Usman Khalid is the founder & CEO of Centric DXB. He excels in taking the point of view of both our clients and our internal teams - expressing those perspectives, concerns and requirements to the other side. Aspiring clients & partners can reach him on [email protected]