How Companies Can Amplify Their Internet Presence

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We come across many traditional businesses that have always relied on flyers, brochures and conventional one on one mediums to reach customers. They are often daunted of the task of setting up an online or internet presence for the first time. Here are the steps we usually walk them through.

Have them Sign up for Google Search Console. The crawl analysis should help find errors and issues on the site that are potentially hurting search optimization.

Here’s our guide to the Five Web Design Mistakes To Avoid.

Conduct usability testing around the tasks you want site visitors to take part in and record the errors for instantaneous correction. We recommend the testing suite from UsabilityHub.

Most conventional businesses have over time passively gathered email addresses of their customers, suppliers, and partner. Use C2 to segment these and schedule weekly emails that serve as updates that are a value addition for the recipient.

Track brand sentiments with Moz’s Fresh Web Alerts. It will tell you when your focus word (brand name, own name, campaign name, campaign hashtag) has been used. A large internet presence raises recall.

Use Moz’s Open Site Explorer to find the sites that are linking to your competitors. Reach out to those sites for a free trial and coverage of your product or service. This works especially well for the QSR industry in my own experience.

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