5 Proven Tactics to Improve Conversion Rate Optimization in 2017

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If saying “Mobile is Important” was a sport, we would be gold medalists by now. As you enter Q2 2017, its time to assess the conversion rate optimization program (CRO) being employed for the brand under your wing. There are not only elements of web design best practice, such as layout and brand visibility so that the call to action can be seen in contrast with the visual scheme of the screen. It’s equally important to remember to keep the format simple so that there are not too many visuals competing for the visitors attention.

Our work with 800Flower.ae has resulted in a number of tests to achieve conversion rate optimization, including but not limited to the use of buttons instead of text links, improving page speed because latency kills the conversion rate, experimenting with different colors to dictate intent (green means go, red means stop), encouraging & highlighting testimonials, improving Quality Score by using dynamic keyword insertion to improve click through rates for Adwords and many many more.

All in all, the key is to test an idea, optimize what works, refine what works and build a conversion rate optimization portfolio. With so many new players in the market and others raising capital to outbid your niche targeting, a successful conversion rate optimization plan will need to look at the big picture.

Employ an agile marketing leadership approach to fraternize across the disciplines of content, design, and analytics with the objective of building out the most effective digital experience portfolio.

Here’s how I will be improving the CRO for my clients in 2017.

Begin with the End in Mind

Just because there are 100 best practices to test doesn’t mean you should. Time is precious, so always question what makes sense to test, who to target and which personalization features to map out. We use C2 for 800Flower.ae to map out a wide range of customer segments, drilling down to psychographics and behavioristic segmentation with labeling on purchase intent and frequency.

Tailor Experiences

In a world where Zaroob can switch out any side dish at your whim, it’s only natural to that your online site visitor expects a personalized approach to not only her navigation but also engagement. When using C2 to personalize messaging by sub-segment, we have experienced many fold increase in reorders and sales. As often as possible, tailor the experience for your loyal fanbase.

Targeting Beyond Demographics

Many marketers fail at getting Facebook targeting right. Step beyond the threshold of demographic-based segmentation and exploit intent with lifestyles. Now Google offers advertisers to reach people on YouTube based on their search results. As their world’s largest video search engine, your internet company must have a visceral visual presence on the platforms pre-roll format. The right approach varies with every category, region, and audience. Along with testing, seek out secondary research to determine the right approach that delivers not only a customized UX but also imagery and messaging.

Tag Implementation

A solid CRO program is built on data analysis and one of the biggest mistakes online marketers make is the misattribution of tags, without which you cannot determine what led to or assisted in which aspect of the customer decision journey. There are a number of tag audit services that marketers can subscribe to, without which capturing data and attributing performance can be taxing.

Mobile for Mobile

Gather all your employees and place their phones in front of you. See all those varying sizes? Now tell them all to open your website. The experience, visuals and format change with every device. Your site must be mobile optimized in order to have some pull in the customer journey. Our own data reflects that mobile-based searches and site visits lead to higher conversions. Do not ignore this digital footfall channel.Like every resolution made for 2017, this approach won’t get implemented at your organization overnight. Pick your internal battles to gradually apply this throughout the year to strengthen the performance of your online brand.

Like every resolution made for 2017, this approach won’t get implemented at your organization overnight. Pick your internal battles to gradually apply this throughout the year to strengthen the performance of your online brand.

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Sourav Ganguly is the chief media officer at Centric. Leading a ten-man team of optimizers, planners, and strategist, he worked with clients to deliver significant returns on marketing investment. He can be reached on [email protected]