Creating a Successful Email Marketing Strategy

email marketing strategy

Given the response to my last article on email marketing strategy, today I would like to share the steps you can take to start your own. But first, an anecdote.

People gravitate towards brands that help them tell a story about themselves. Whether this means wrapping a yellow LIVESTRONG band around their wrists to wordlessly inform the room that they support cancer research, or take their iMac everywhere to create the impression of creativity, everyone relies on their brands to tell a story about themselves.

To get started with email marketing, you’ll need a list of people who are willing to receive the information you have to offer. One of the ways to entice target segments to willingly share their email address is to offer them the chance to quantify their self-worth among their social circle. For one of our BFSI clients, we created a calculator that would compute the credit score in exchange for a few data points. Upon clicking the “Calculate” button, a loading loop would appear followed by a call to action requesting the email address of the site visitor because our BFSI client had to use C2 to email them their credit score report. Doing so gave us two particles of data, the pixel tracking for retargeting within the income bracket shared and also the ability to contextually share email newsletters that match the affordability and purchase power parity of the site visitor. The credit score report sent to the site visitor was also easily shareable across social platforms, with the tone of bragging rights.

So when you start your email marketing strategy, you will need a list, offering site visitors something in return for sharing their email address with you. This can be the offer to download a coupon code, report or win points that are redeemable at the point of purchase.

You will then need to decide on the call to action intended as a result of the emails sent. These can be mapped in the campaign creation tool within C2, with each click resegmenting your email lists into specified buckets.

Examine the content creation resources at hand and determine the frequency of email distribution to your lists. We often find with our Insights newsletter that once a week does the trick. Your product may be B2C and the frequency would vary. Feel free to email me for an insight on the direction to take.

Experiment with subject lines and more to determine which fit works best for growing open rates, CTR, and conversions. A deep analysis is very revealing and telling in what works best and with which target segments.

It’s no secret that email apps are native to every smart device and the push notifications ensure that email is the first point of reading for a user every day. It’s time to capitalize on this valuable segment to expand on customer lifetime value beyond tactics and campaigns.

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