How to Strategically Grow eCommerce Traffic on Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Gone are the days when chocolates, flowers, and a candlelight dinner was enough of a present on Valentines Day. The recipients and givers have become imaginative, pooling in family, friends, and pets into the mix of Valentines Day gifts. We’ve been implementing tactics to redirect traffic to our celebratory clients like to capitalize on the givers interest to proclaim love for platonic and nonplatonic relationships.

Search “UAE Valentines Day” and find a plethora of examples of native advertising by leading publishers pushing products and services to male and female readers, suggesting ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Here’s our guide for getting your search campaign in line for the big day.


Our data shows that searches by women for Valentines Day gifts begin the month before the big day, looking for ideas, deals, packages and events that serve the purpose of feeding their own gift receiving needs and also double as potential candidates for social currency after receiving the gift and sharing its Snaps on social. Our research shows that the majority of purchases in the same week of Valentines Day, which would include today. Searchers will throng to one window solution sites like that provide a range of gifts at a same day delivery promise.

Look at your earlier data for the same time of the year to determine when the Valentine’s Day specific searches began and how you can capitalize on them before everyone else does.


Be sure to capitalize on keywords that mirror the content on your site, including copy that communicates the delivery date and other guarantees clearly. As mentioned above, most of these searches will be last minute, more interested in getting the gift delivered to the recipient that knowing what shade of lilac the flower is in. If your product is non-perishable, the ship has sailed as the planning behind such activities is usually the month prior. But if it’s perishable, start now.


The top keyword explorer tools show a spike in searches in the UAE for the likes of cards, flowers, and jewelry. CPC is higher for flowers, compared with chocolates. For last minute searches, includes combinations of the keyword, the value proposition and the pricing. Men tend to consider themselves as logical buyers, so include phrases such as “deal” or “discount” in your copy.

There is no doubt a “sorry for forgetting” market for Valentines Day, and hotels are more than happy to offer a wealth of deals to appease both their giver and recipient. Has your brand chosen to tap into this group? Create an incentive to take their email addresses, segment them by giver and receiver, insert them into C2 and schedule weekly emails about gift ideas for every occasion leading up to Valentine’s Day. The objective is to maintain a relationship well after the transaction and be the point of contact that reminds the giver to appreciate his/her loved one’s and that the big day has arrived.

This Valentines Day, love your bottom line by focusing on the LTV.

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