Best Practices For Engaging Subscribers After Sign Ups

Engaging Subscribers

Some look at branches, others look at trees. We like those two but spend 75% of our energy looking at the forest i.e. the big picture. And so while marketers rejoice that more and more audience members are subscribing to their email newsletters, it appears the click to open rates are declining with equal fervour. This means that the content within the emails is not compelling to motivate a click, and the proliferation of this trend is bad news for the entire ecosystem. Never fear, Centric DXB is here. The insights shared below are based on our internal & external successes with C2 as an inbound tool. Here are our best practices for engaging subscribers and increasing the average click to open rate.

Marketers need to offer content that is valuable, relevant and personalised to the reader interests of the subscriber. This means investing in

1. segmentation tools that integrate with tagged content and templates that can be automated. The email system must also be set with predefined values attributed to post email receiving actions, that will assign weightage to the recipient in the customer life cycle. In doing so, whenever content is created and categorised, the creator the newsletter can simply drag and drop it into the newsletter template to match the interests of the reader. Make sure that the headline is compelling and speaks to the KPI’s that relate to the readers’ interest.

2. trigger emails which are essentially preprogrammed messages that go out as soon as the desired action takes place. The sensory arousal of “You’ve Got Mail” comes into play here. Once pixels are placed across the email and the site with a tracker, you can drop an email to the subscriber after they have read the entire article. Validation for completing a task lights up semantic memory and this practice encourages repetition, thereby engaging subscribers to repeat.

For ideas on the types of emails to send out after a purchase, read 5 Types of Emails That Grow CLV.

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