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Prisma App

Last week, Prisma announced that iPhone 6s and 7 users of the app could broadcast with Facebook Live while tapping into using its deep learning-powered photo filters.

Before the Chewbacca incident, numerous brand marketers and publishers had capitalized on the power of Facebook Live as a platform for distributing help content and streaming live events. So there’s no doubt that the announcement, exclusive for the latest devices from Apple, will be exploited while the feature is in its earliest stage. But don’t jump in the water just yet. Here are some facts to consider before creating & distributing content with Prisma:

1.The app uses neural networks, a deep learning algorithm and artificial intelligence to convert ordinary photos with Van Gogh-esque artistic effects. In doing so, it saves non-creative users the trouble of editing pictures taken.

2.The app’s algorithm uses Convolutional Neural Network to learn the artistic style of an input photograph, and apply it to the target image. More information can be found here.

3.Within a month of launching Prisma app CEO Alexey Moiseenkov revealed claimed the app had processed over 400 million photos, had over 11 million downloads on iOS and had over 1.5 million daily active users.

4.The app has yet to announce a monetization plan, focusing instead on refining its experience and attracting more downloads. However, by opening itself to Facebook Live, it may be seeking a channel to monetize on the paid-publisher model Facebook has offered for live content. Another monetization option could be sponsored or paid filters like Snapchat’s campaigns.

5.Prisma’s Terms of Use require users to grant a “non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use the Content that you stylize on or through the Service”. Such terms turn off original artists like ALJVD and many others that have opted out of the hype. Instead, true creative professionals are adopting the Paint App by Moonlighting, which processes photos directly on the user’s device instead of its own server and also allows users to render photos in high-res, unlike Prisma.

So if you’re short on time and comfortable exposing your personal data to servers in Russia, opt for Prisma. As a brand or agency marketer, you risk misuse of brand assets but gain access to a wide range of early adopters that pivot towards a creative & expressive identity.

But if you’re an artist, producer or film maker, are okay with a long rendering time, would like more creative control of your content and would like to withhold the rights to your creations, then the Paint App is the best fit.

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