3 Ways C2 Will Evolve Inbound Marketing in 2017

inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing took on a whole new meaning when we launched C2 last year. This year, we’re evolving the inbound marketing component to ensure brands and agencies can extend the customer lifetime value for years to come by

Prioritizing the Journey

To understand the point of interest, the content that supported a customer journey towards the point of sale, and the visual cues that evoked the need to convert – all are highly crucial to understand the customer psyche. We’re taking inbound marketing to another level because attribution has become the single most important determinant of success and learning for campaigns.

Customers Before Campaigns

C2 will now allow marketers to see the impact of their campaigns on individual customers, tracking when the engaged, what they clicked, what made them stay and what prompted a conversion. Tracking efforts that grow customer lifetime value will matter a whole lot more than the overall impact of a campaign. C2’s segmentation tool that sorts prospects by demographic, psychographic and behavior will be the guide for context based content marketing.

Inbox Infiltration & Email Conversions

As mentioned, personalized messages will take engagement to an entirely new level. Messaging apps will allow brands to send focused messages and notifications that confirm an order or help track a delivery.  We’ll also test in-message conversion options. Some companies have already done this within the DM option of Twitter. Since email is a universal app and has been repeatedly attributed as the point of contact that leads to conversions, we’ve decided to take C2 to another level that allows brands to achieve a conversion within the email itself, fundamentally transforming the way people view the email.

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