What Marketers Need to Know About Facebook’s Advanced Measurement Tool

advanced measurement

Yesterday Facebook announced the launch of an advanced measurement tool enrapt on reach and attribution, with the help of Innovid. Following on the heels of the discarded Atlas, the tool is focused on determining which media platforms across the customer journey played the greatest “assist” role in driving home a conversion. The announcement purports that Facebook’s tool will be able to accurately report on Google search and display, as well as its social network and Instagram. Advertisers will be able to gauge which platform offered the highest reach or purchases online.

The announcement comes a month after P&G’s Marc Pritchard smacked the digital advertising ecosystem, effectively changing the course charted for the once inflexible digital media supply chain forever. Following the remarks from Pritchard at the ANA, Google agreed to be audited by the Media Ratings Council, and get certified, a move that every current and potential digital services vendor will have to go through in order to have access to P&G US$ 500 million media pie.

Digital advertising sellers and attendant staffs of marketing people and researchers plus data analysts would do well to learn how traditional media work, how branding ad campaigns are developed and evaluated, how they differ from other types of advertising, how traditional media is bought and sold, etc. The lessons learned and practical applications to digital would bring it out of the theoretical arena and into the real world of advertising. There is much to learn and adapt from.

Facebook said that it’s rapt employees and technology previously used for Atlas will be transitioned to the new system. Once inflexible, Atlas’s Advanced Measurement will now be a cross-publisher measurement tool that integrates with the measurement parameters set upon performance based brand marketers.

In a world where many digital advertisers fail to get Facebook targeting right, the upgrade on Atlas will serve as a simplified tool for effective planning & tracking.

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