Essentials for an Engaging Facebook Content Plan

Facebook content plan

Last week our engagement manager for emerging markets shared the building blocks for developing a brand strategy. This week, we’ll share our battle-tested approach towards a Facebook content plan, with an in-depth understanding of what makes a content pillar work.

The emergence of social media and two-way communication mediums have evolved marketing communications from a one-way street to a dialogue. In that light, social media content creators at Centric DXB are encouraged to not just educate the audience but also entertain them.

The opportunity here for brands is to be the rallying point for its customers to be part of a community, even a mission as small as our campaign for Mentos South Africa around celebrating the weekend.

When it comes to paid campaigns, we recommend planners allow organic reach to reach its potential for 24 hours before boosting the Facebook content plan for not more than another 24 hours. Thereafter, sharing, commenting and reactions should cloud the conversation.

In addition, we recommend marketers

Creating shareable video and photo content
Include calls to action with buttons and links
Utilize Facebook live with familiar faces
Test giveaways
Schedule posts outside of business hours

When retargeting your Facebook content plan with custom audiences, ensure its based on not just video views but also post interactions and reactions. Be sure to note that Facebook isn’t a winner takes all platform. Build an audience on your page but migrate them naturally to share their email address, subscribe to your newsletter, visit your site and of course, try your product.

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Vipul Jadhav

About the Author Vipul Jadhav

Vipul Jadhav is the director of client services at Centric DXB. He provides both strategic and tactical leadership across multimillion dirham engagements while keeping up-to-date on daily project activities. Aspiring clients can reach him on [email protected]