“Fourth Industrial Revolution” – preparing the future for all


We are in the midst of what Klaus Schwab describes as Fourth Industrial Revolution in his book by the same name.  According to him, this has far greater impact on mankind than the previous three.  From what we are seeing around us today, it’s not difficult to agree with him.   But this has created uncertainties as to how exactly can we prepare ourselves for this future

Stephan Kasriel, co-chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council in his article lists 6 ways to ensure AI creates jobs for all and not the few:

1. Expect massive disruption:

future jobs will require newer skills and therefore it’s important for everyone in every field to learn and ensure their skills are up-to-date

2. AI will replace repetitive tasks:

we talked about this in a recent post.  Stephan mentions the top 3 skills required in 2020 as Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Creativity

3. Middle skilled jobs will be hit the hardest:

society will need to provide education and job replacement opportunities for those most affected by automation

4. Opportunities will be unequally distributed – at first:

applicable in countries where certain states have more skill based work force (therefore can be automated)

5. Responsibility of the technology designers:

ethical thinking should guide the purpose of design, it should account for human dignity and work

6. Positive in the long-term:

overall increase in productivity and employment can be achieved by commitment to create opportunities for all, not just for a lucky few

UAE has stated its vision of being at the forefront of technology.  Efforts are being made to ensure this vision is supported by adequate cyber security.  One such initiative is Smartworld between Etisalat and Dubai South.  They have announced CIOMajlisTM to “Share, Empower, Drive Growth” by inviting CIOs, vendors and media to exchange ideas and best practices across industries

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