Headless CMS: The Future of Content Management Systems

The content management market is not a new one. Undoubtedly it dates back to the 1980s when the first piece of software was designed particularly to manage content. Fast-forwarding to 2022, the market has evolved and now businesses want to reach billions of users with just hundreds of vendors. In the last couple of years headless CMS have become popular in comparison to WordPress and Drupal.

What is a Headless CMS?

Headless Content Management Systems have a database and content delivery through an API. It separates the backend (content creation and storage) from the frontend (design and deployment). With the growing number of connected devices, API-first headless CMS has emerged as an effective solution for the businesses that need to build omnichannel digital experiences for their customers. Developers generally consider headless CMS as a ‘low-code’ solution as it abstracts aways few of the complexities and also speeds up their application development.

Why Choose Headless CMS?

Senior SEO Manager at Centric Rabia Saeed explained how headless CMS works and how it can be specifically beneficial for the e-commerce business industry recently. SEO is a critical element of any marketing campaign. With a headless CMS, your marketing and developer teams can create powerful metadata, customized URLs, thoughtful canonical tags, accurate markup and quickly launch new content campaigns. Once you’re up and running with the right headless CMS, it will impact positive results on your SEO efforts. A headless CMS improves the performance of your site.

If you have a brand business that builds more strategic applications with a broader, ever-changing scope, across third-party solutions and various stakeholders (designers, developers, brand experts, etc), headless CMS is an ideal content tool for you because it will help you get rid of the migration costs later. What inspired you most is that with headless CMS you do not have to build every page. You can simply create the content in a core database, which is the central source of truth and then you can simply deploy a template. However there are a lot of misconceptions about headless CMS software.

Many people in the industry, who might not have enough SEO knowledge believe that utilizing a headless CMS means that it automates a quicker, faster and a better experience. For most e-commerce sites, headless CMS is the best. It is the best option for you if you are on a direct-to-consumer side with a big brand. Headless CMS is an amazing tool not just because of the SEO but also the other features it has. Headless CMS guides you alot better when it comes to optimizing web performance. Various kinds of headless CMSs will allow you to achieve amazing core web vitals differently.

Benefits of a Headless CMS

Some of the amazing benefits of a Headless CMS are: Reusability Developer Freedom Low Learning Curve Security Rapid Content Deployment Future Proof Content Faster Time to Market

Every B2C brand makes sure that the kind of experience they are providing on their brand website is not limited just like every other ecommerce brand website experience having product, title, price, picture and description. This is just the same experience any brand can provide in a shop. Centric DxB has worked on multiple projects using headless CMS. Centric is a Digital Transformation Agency with growing clientele across three continents. With offices in Houston, Birmingham, Dubai and Karachi; Centric primarily serves the Enterprise sector. Centric helps in CMOs in choosing the right path for their brand growth by offering a mature process across; Strategy, UI/UX, Development and Growth Marketing.

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