Holiday commerce driven by online, but television still charms

Television Role
According to Forrester, 2017 holiday retail sales in US was expected to reach $129 Billion – a 12% growth over 2016, and a double-digit growth for online sales.  Much of the holiday shopping is driven by online – even if the final purchase is done at stores.  The big ecommerce events like Cyber Monday has revealed that mobile is garnering more share of the revenue year-on-year.  Adobe quotes 40% of revenue coming from mobile devices.  Salesforce quotes mobile driving 64% of shopping visits over the shopping period between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.  Digital shopping dominated 2017 holiday season and key themes emerged were AI powered product recommendations, mobile commerce and the expectation from consumers for more personalisation whether online or instore.    Headliner Labs, a company specialising in AI based bot and mobile messaging platform listed 3 Holiday e-commerce platforms for 2017.  These platforms are ofcourse equally effective outside the holiday season as well.  
  1. Chatbots:  Platforms like FB Messenger utilises AI and advanced language processing technologies to help brands deliver highly personalised experience to their consumers.  Such an experience exerts the right amount of influence on consumers at each stage of their journey towards purchase and therefore increases conversions.
  2. Instagram ads:  With the highest rate of engagement amongst all social channels, Instagram ads are more likely to be seen by people really interested in the product/service.  Its mobile-first design lends a more appealing experience for those who prefer to complete their purchases on mobile devices.
  3. Facebook:  Brands are using Facebook to offer holistic experience to their consumers, from discovery to purchase to post-purchase.  With multiple targeting and re-targeting options available within the platform, brands have more opportunities to improve their conversion metrics.
Digital clearly has an edge when it comes to purchase decisions, but brands continue to use television to create the holiday/gifting spirit among their consumers.  Big brands including e-commerce brands have used television to form emotional connections with their consumers.  Here are some of the best from 2017.  

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