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Inbound Marketing

Companies and brands are fine-tuning their inbound marketing strategies to keep up with the changes (or they should be).  But the basic principle of making the content personally relevant remains the key factor for driving success.  Personal relevance is guided by understanding which stage in the purchase journey the consumer is at, what persona, which device and even whether it’s a voice activated search or not.  Importance of analyzing such data to craft the type of content can’t be overstated

In the upcoming Inbound2017 one of the sessions “how to drive growth with a proven personalisation strategy” will delve into the right way of continuously optimising a viewer’s experience for conversions, creating the most effective personalisation strategy to capture viewer attention and thereby increasing engagement to drive revenue    

At Centric we have a proprietary tool C2(customer centric) that facilitates strategic management of content across the stages – awareness, consideration, intent, purchase and re-purchase.  While there are other tools who offer the same capability, many of them price it as per the number of contacts in the database.  We work closely with our clients for an effective strategy with optimum conversion/cost ratio

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Vipul Jadhav is the director of client services at Centric DXB. He provides both strategic and tactical leadership across multimillion dirham engagements while keeping up-to-date on daily project activities. Aspiring clients can reach him on [email protected]