Instagram focuses on improving audience experience and Facebook on better ad experience

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Collaborative Stories on Instagram:

Instagram Stories have become popular with brands as both native and paid-for, not surprising with the claimed 250 million who use Stories on a daily basis.   Instagram is making Stories more fun by introducing a functionality of adding another user to the broadcast (perhaps even more users in the future). Apart from regular users, this allows influencers, musicians and other celebrities to better engage with their followers.  Brands also have tremendous opportunity with this feature for a closer interaction with their consumers

Improving ad experience on Facebook:

Facebook has announced few updates to improve ad experience.  The first update is to reduce unintentional clicks by detecting clicks where the duration on the destination page is less than 2seconds.  Most often this is due to accidental clicks and such clicks will not be counted.  The other update is flagging abnormal behaviour like inflated click-through rate.  Such incidents will be reported to the publishers for necessary action.  They have also provided more clarity on their policies for better ad experience.  This should be good news for brands with some research quoting mistaken clicks on mobile ads being as high as 50% currently

More authenticity on Facebook:

We had earlier talked about Facebook taking steps to prevent and/or remove ads next to controversial content.  Now they are taking steps to stop “cloaking” where ‘advertisers’ deliberately mislead Facebook reviewing system by using a different destination page than what the actual user sees while clicking on the ad or post.  Facebook will use AI along with human review process to identify, capture and verify cloaking.  This makes the user experience safer making it a more authentic platform for brands to engage

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