Marketer’s role has transformed with technology

Impact of Technology

I recently wrote about the different skills required to manage an eCommerce client.  This week I would like to share a broader perspective – the unique skills required to succeed in marketing, in the information and technology driven era. When we consider ‘Modern Marketing’, agility is key to keep up with the changes brought on by technology across all areas of marketing.  Below are few of these changes and how marketers can adapt to manage them.

‘Now’ commerce:  No, this is not about another ‘buzz’ word – but this best explains how the ‘purchase cycle’ is getting shorter with technology.  Digital platforms and media have changed the concept of ‘impulse categories’.  A marketer today is equipped with tools to gain granular level consumer insights and to deliver an enticing message through the right channels to provoke the right response from consumers.  While the insight mining and delivery or perhaps even crafting the message to an extent can be automated, the marketer’s role is to formulate a consumer experience strategy that will make the consumer act faster, act now.  This requires skills across data, technology, creativity and commerce.

Personalisation:  This doesn’t only apply to communication, consumers today expect products and services to be personalised as well.  Technologies like 3D printing has enabled more categories to offer personalised products. 3D printed Brooks Shoes is an example.  How does a marketer adapt to this?  Beyond being involved in key decisions regarding supply chain management, a comprehensive understanding of production/manufacturing process will be required.  It will be upto the marketer to connect the dots from production to profit.

At a company level these changes will impact the talent pool.  Individual skills set will need to complement machine skills set.  Advanced analytics performed by tools can be beneficial only if there is an insight driven strategic framework.  Precision targeting and planning tools will deliver the results only with quality creatives that are relevant and engaging.  Data/device driven brand choice can be won if we provide a rewarding brand experience.

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About the Author Mohammed Ajawi

Mohammad Ajawi is the General Manager of Centric. He has got 11 years in advertising and the digital business management experience. Believes in Marketing science and driven by data. Expert in multiple sectors as FMCG, Real estate, Automotive, Telco, Entertainment, Luxury, Beauty, Retail, Banking and E-commerce. His mission is to convert the brands traditional activities to digital business and follow the market trends. He can be reached on [email protected]