3 Metrics for Measuring the Email Marketer

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After achieving scale, the email marketer is more concerned with optimizing the creative components of campaigns, such as subject lines or visual cues that incentivize a call to action. With more time and investment, it is entirely possible to build meaningful and contextual messaging programs that deepen the relationship between writer and reader. Growth in open rates, clicks and conversions is just the by-product of the magic.

The success of an email marketing campaign is based on the metrics identified by the email service provider (ESP) and seeks to clarify the success of a campaign on a performance marketing level. But there is a bigger picture that needs to be addressed, and in doing so the email marketer should consider these macro metrics:

Think of it as maximizing customer lifetime value, by focusing on the quality of the emails being served. The email marketer must focus attention on highly active primary accounts only, discarding the rest. By focusing on the first point of contact per unique recipient, you create the foundation for context. In doing so, the manner of assessing data quality will also fixate on acquiring quality feeds, instead of shotgunning the lot.

Attrition is a factor of poor data quality assessment as stated above. First, the email is ignored, then it is deleted, and at some point unsubscribed. All of the above are symptoms of irrelevance, the same problem that led to the rise of ad blocking. ESP’s rarely will display data that suggests the churn rate from unsubscriptions or “report spam” choices. The cost of churn should be computed and factored in as a cost in email as a channel for marketing messages. Holding the email marketer accountable with this data will incentivize the procurement of quality contacts. It also makes them proactive in targeting and improving the customer LTV.

Being able to rank customers by transactions, the share of spend and share of eyeballs is a game changer in the loyalty game. It changes the dynamics of behavior-based customer rewards. And it’s a subset of customer LTV growth. Apps like Askofy allow brands to host consumer panels and conduct market research direct on mobile. Incentivize responses. It’s the same logic behind product reviews.

These big picture metrics exist in C2. 

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