3 Platforms for Social Media Selling

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As always, execution trumps the idea. If you are willing to dedicate an experienced and resourceful team around the mission, here are the top five social media selling platforms I recommend.

1. “Shop Now” by Instagram

Six months ago, Instagram hired a team of eCommerce experts to help build out the capability of its selling engine. The power of the “Shop Now” button on Instagram is fueled by the visual expression of the platform. People gravitate towards the most eye-catching visuals. So if your brand is on Instagram, add the “Shop Now” button today. Set it up so that once clicked, the user is taken to your website to make the final purchase. The next rollout will allow prospective buyers to see several product images within a single picture, prompted to tap the one they like the most. This will show product details and then offered a chance to buy the product there and then.

2. Yotpo for Instagram

If you’re struggling with the advice above, I recommend using Yotpo. It takes your existing content on Instagram and converts it into an online store. In just three steps, your online store can be up and ready. Just sign up, take the link given to you and place it in the Instagram bio or on your existing website. Sit back and watch your Instagram images become a store.

3. “Marketplace” by Facebook

A shopping experience that mirrors that of Craigslist, the Marketplace on Facebook was created after the company noticed how many people were creating groups around buying and selling items. In fact, there’s an entire group on Facebook for expats incoming to Dubai that are looking to buy furniture from expats that are¬†leaving the UAE. The trust element is immediate because buyers and sellers can easily see each other’s mutual friends (if any) and social profiles. Within the Facebook app, just go to the Marketplace icon, tap “Sell”, Enter a description of your item, set the price, tag your location and post it. Simple! This is a great platform for stay at home mums who want to experiment with commercialising their hobbies, as well as second-hand stores.


So there you have it, three options to choose from that best matches your commercial and brand objectives.

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Enaam Ali is the social media manager of Centric DXB. She defines the core elements & strategic foundations of a brand, including its architecture, positioning, messaging, name, visual & verbal identity system to create social campaigns that build memorable experiences. Aspiring record breakers can reach her on [email protected]