3 Ways Search Engine Optimization Will Evolve by 2020

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It may come as news to you, but advertisers and agencies are not Google’s customers, it is the people who search. With that in mind, search engine optimization is getting much more powerful with an intent to serve across scenarios, products, and interfaces. Here are the three ways it will have evolved by Dubai Expo 2020.

Here are the three ways the search engine it will have evolved by 2020.

Search engines will derive meaning from multiple data sets such as queries, comprehensive search contexts, query sessions, time of day, the location of search origin, the device being used and past browsing behavior to understand the intent of the user. By doing so, it will much more appropriately be able to match the intent with content that matches those short-term intentions. That’s how it will understand the searcher. As for the brand interested in being searched, by 2020 search engines will be able to understand the semantic and contextual elements of content including user reviews & opinions. There will be an over-reliance on answering questions.

We have repeatedly pointed out that voice-based search will be huge, as will video and image based search. Practical tech of speech, image, and video will enable search, giving our fingertips and thumbs a rest. The convenience of multi-modal options for broadcasting a question will be a game changer. People will be talking to the search engine instead of thinking hard about how best to structure their query so that a bot could understand it.

As corporations and the world adopt smart devices and the consumer Internet of Things, search engines will be everywhere, particularly AI hardware. Imagine being able to ask your voice AI in your plane how far your flight is from its intended destination. You would also have hands-on access to product reviews in the aisle within which you shop.

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