SEO and content – lines are blurring

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  • October 16, 2017

We had talked about SEO and content interplay as one of the key themes to consider while developing future strategies. A recent survey conducted by BrightEdge found 97% of the respondents viewing SEO and content as integrated or as converging into a single function.  Other highlights from the same survey include the difficulty in developing engaging content and the impact of voice search on content.  Marketers are reportedly still struggling to develop engaging content with 71% of the respondents stating only half of their content is being consumed.  When it comes to the perceived impact of voice search, only 31% of the respondents plan to develop content suitable for voice search.  

But there is a unanimous agreement among marketers that a well performing content strategy is crucial for a brand’s success.  One of the most popular forms of content marketing is ‘blogging’ and it’s important to keep the topics aligned to the brand’s personality and overall objectives.  Authenticity is key to win over consumers’ attention and thereby engagement.  Emotional connection with consumers help convert them into loyal fans and the content writers are often evocative story tellers.  

Apart from developing impactful content, it’s important to ensure the content is structured and delivered optimally across multi channels and multi technologies that the consumers interact with.  And for this reason, content engineering has become critical.  Content engineers are different from content strategists.  Content strategists focus on the product while Content engineers perfect the process.  “Content engineers help content strategists clearly define the data fields for customer personas and which types of content need to be distributed through which channels. They can then take this plan and make sure the correct practices, platforms, and technologies are in place to take content strategy from dream to reality.

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