Six Tech Trends That Will Die by 2025

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These are the six tech trends that the laws of economics are eradicating:

1. Bitcoin

Petty battles from within the ecosystem are obfuscating its legitimacy. Cryptocurrencies will come and go but the Blockchain will maintain its value. Keep an eye out for emerging cryptocurrency’s and only invest if you are 100% ready to lose 100% of your investment.

2. Open Places Offices

When an employee has a 100% guarantee that they will not be interrupted, a funny thing happens. Their productivity skyrockets. When there’s a change of interruption, their maximum productive capacity shrinks by half. OPO’s where a great idea in theory and now that it has practically failed, most of the smarter companies are doing away with them, including ours.

3. Scrum

The empirical approach of SCRUM, whereby a problem is never truly understood but a quick solution needs to be implemented is fine in theory but terrible in practice. The root cause element of problem identification is the very essence of business planning. Without weeding it out, the problems reappear at no end. What is the point of the “science” in CS if you are going to accept a career where ‘the problem cannot be fully understood or defined’. People who follow this methodology often lack the ability to define software architecture, and cannot abstract complexity. In most cases, they have no clue about interface design or API layering.

4. Reactive Software Testing

This will take a bit longer to go away as there are more companies that need to justify tests for the long run, especially those that require an investment. The workaround is to hire test engineers for the units and functions.

5. Fear of AI

I’ve repeatedly pointed this out and while it’s taking time for people to comprehend, it’s the first of the tech trends to die out.

6. Unicorns

The big money in the market that is chasing after every other startup with a bit of traction and users – that money is drying up. And when that happens, depth of users, the ability to make money, the ability to turn a profit, the ability to productively remarket, and the ability to improve the product/service – will be valued more than acquisitions.

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