Is speed and easy accessibility impacting online creative?


Brands always tapped into global and topical events – even before the age of social media.  But what social media has done is the fight to be the first and the most ‘popular’.  This puts tremendous pressure on the creative process and can sometimes run the risk of not ticking all the boxes.  Brands when in a rush to capture the latest trends sometime fail to connect with the consumers or even face backlash.  It doesn’t mean a longer/slower creative process or non-digital ads are always spot on (e.g.: Pepsi/Kendall Jenner ad).  But the fact that digital media allows brands to create and distribute content with a small budget does increase the number of ill-thought out ads out there

Google, Facebook and other social media platforms have begun to tighten the controls on what ads are being shown to its users.  Google has started testing its ‘controversial’ ad blocker.  Brands will need to start exercise more diligence by being relevant and valuable in their messaging to the intended target audience.  And on social media, even though different platforms require unique strategies, it’s important to have uniformity/theme tying it all together.  Tactical and topical messaging is important but not at the cost of authenticity.  Digital and social media in specific are becoming more influential in consumer’s purchase decisions.  Therefore, it’s important whether it’s an online video or a FB post – it stays true to the brand values and business goals.  Delta Instagram Contest is a good example of combining both.

If you take a look some of the work we have done for our clients you will see that we follow this principle across all forms of online creative

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Parag Chemburkar

About the Author Parag Chemburkar

Parag Chemburkar is the chief creative officer at Centric DXB. He leads the most talented creative team in the region, tasked with pitching original design concepts to some of the biggest brands in the region. Aspiring winners of the Cannes Gold can reach him on [email protected]