5 Marketing Strategies Medical Professionals Should Use


One of the hardest challenges of medical professionals, aside from having to constantly stay up to date, is attracting new patients. Here are the five strategies we have executed for our healthcare clients for ensuring a steady stream of new and returning patients.

1. Free Check Up

Ah yes, the most romantic word for the ears of an expatriate in the Middle East. A free check-up for eyes and teeth or an examination goes a long way. You gain access to the customer’s data when they fill out your form, the free check up gives you an idea of their health state, you email them content on how best to take of themselves in light of the health area of their concern and you can re-engage them when the time is right.

2. Address Concerns

Maybe they want to avoid pain, maybe they can’t afford downtime or maybe they can’t afford it. Invest in research to understand the common concerns and weave them into your marketing messages. Claim pain-free aftermath after checkups where applicable or fixate on your clinic’s best qualities. You may have a viable payment plan or a solution that lowers the need for downtime. Businesses with a pulse on the hot button issues that plague their customers stand the gain the most customer mindshare.

3. Shed the Clutter

Healthcare business owners with no clue of advertising need to stop doing what everyone else is doing. Yes, surgery method A may be the best practice, but slapping a logo and smiling picture may not work for your business. Focus on a bold headline, call to action, easy navigation, entry forms, and more to improve strategies for conversion rate optimization.

4. Teach, Don’t Sell

Sponsor special events, give away advice for free, give credit to caregivers and celebrate moms & dads. Be the advocate for quality of life and stand out by doing what your competitors wouldn’t dare – develop and share content. Use Google Keyword Planner to determine what people in your country or area are searching and see if your practice best fits as a solution to their concerns. Blog about it and distribute it to your target segment.

5. Virtual Receptionist

For just US$ 250 a month, you can have a receptionist that never tires, works 24/7, works weekends, during holidays, and after hours. She will follow up with patients, manage your schedule, and help with remarketing. This takes customer service and after sales service to a whole new level of attentiveness and care. And once again, doing so will definitely help your healthcare business stand out from the rest. So what are you waiting for? Differentiate your business voice and offer by investing in these five strategies to attract more footfall today.

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Parag Chemburkar

About the Author Parag Chemburkar

Parag Chemburkar is the chief creative officer at Centric DXB. He leads the most talented creative team in the region, tasked with pitching original design concepts to some of the biggest brands in the region. Aspiring winners of the Cannes Gold can reach him on [email protected]