Targeted Marketing To Win Over Parents and Children

Win Over Parents

In the eyes of the CPG marketer, the dynamic between parents and their children is often that of buyer and consumer, with both parties being an influencer. So it makes all the more sense to curate marketing messages, medium, timing, and creative in a manner that reaches both at once.

With budgets shrinking in CPG, marketers will need to invest in touch points that engage both influencers at the same time. Our work with Nutria Danone has been enlightening and the key takeaways for optimised campaigns are two-fold.

Before going into the takeaways, we point out the fact that the buy-in for the purchase must be desired by both the consumer and the procurer. This ensures high levels of satisfaction in the act of giving and the act of receiving. Further translating, the buyer feels the purchase is of value and knows the receiver will appreciate it equally if not more.

The KPI in the role of parenting is to minimise strife and maximise happiness. Which is why we suggest media buys that capitalise on dual viewing experiences. When dealing with a programmatic TV platform, see to it that insights reveal shows or programs where parent & child are equally engaged. This is where product placement or commercials or contests must be embedded into the program. Advertisers may need to experiment beyond channels such as Baby TV and look into unorthodox means such as adult programs that are visually appealing to young children.

A great example is a show called Rick and Morty; with its fast-paced dialogue and dry humour that is misinterpreted by children as simply noises. Studies show parents are co-viewing the show, fully confident that their child doesn’t understand the fast paced grown up humour. As parent and child bond and laugh over their mutually agreed upon their choice of entertainment programming, the customer mindshare is ready to be captured.

We recommend marketers take note of creating in-program activations that hold more meaning when the choice to purchase is mutually decided. During a child’s formative years, this positive memories pay off in the long run for memorable brands. So invest in content and creative that resonates for both.

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