Tips For Running a Successful Blog

Successful Blog

One of the many personal brand building tools I have is my own site, which has become a successful blog over time.

I follow three core principles that can be replicated by anyone interested to also produce and distribute content in order to create a successful blog.

Focus on Strengths

My area of expertise is Sharepoint and I have executed several high-level projects over the years to high customer satisfaction. It is a subject I can speak on for hours on end, quoting examples and frameworks for success. Every common customer query, misconception, and feedback are within my mind’s eye. This is why my latest topics predominantly lean in that direction. One way to figure out your strength is to hone in on your passion – topics you are interested in combined with problems you want to solve. The former will give you a focus and the latter with give you a purpose. Combined they make up topics you care about. In my case: advanced technology coupled with an interest to build ecosystems that allow stronger collaboration among stakeholders.

Keyword Research

Once you know what you’ll be writing about, use Google’s Keyword Planner or Moz’s Keyword Explorer to determine what people want to know about within your domain expertise. This can be a common question, query or misconception. Seek to answer those questions and be the thought leader in your space.

Consistent Quality

One of the many traits my own successful blog and Centric DXB’s Insights section shares is a consistency in topics, qualitative depth, distribution mechanics and writing style. Another aspect of consistency is to give your audience what you want as well. All authors want more readers, engagement, and a chance to gain positive brand sentiment. Payback the same to anyone that likes, retweets, comments, and shares your article. Find a way to email them and share your thanks, offering a helping hand that is relevant to your strengths. Doing so sets the tone for the relationship quintessential between writer and reader.

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About the Author Ahsan Khalid

Ahsan Khalid is the director of technology at Centric DXB. He is a trusted partner for clients as well as internal cross-disciplinary teams to ensure quality relationships. He can be reached on [email protected]