Types of Videos to Add in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Video content is the way to go in 2019.Many social media managers have cited videos as having higher engagement rates than textual and pictorial content. But before you invest in video-making, you should be aware that there are different categories of videos that are uploaded online on a daily basis.

Informational Videos:

As the title suggests, these are videos made to give viewers information about a topic, product, or service. But giving information via video is not exactly like writing down information on a social media page. If your style of promoting info is tedious, then viewers will be turned off by your content. Aim to make these kinds of videos entertaining. Thus, adding a touch of humour goes a long way in informational video-making.

Tutorial Videos:

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular websites and is always on the Top 5 List of Alexa Sites in any country. So, social media marketers are bound to take a chance on YouTube somewhere along the line. If you’re new to YouTube then you should consider the advice of veteran content creators. Many prominent content creators site How To videos as one of the most commonly searched/watched categories on YouTube. Tutorial videos can be made regarding your products and services as well as on a wide range of topics. Make sure they are both entertaining and factual and not too long.

User-Generated Videos:

Social media is all about interaction. And there is no better form of interaction than requesting your customers to make videos for your brand on social media. One method is to offer a reward for the best video made on a topic of your choosing. This will bring together both loyal customers and new consumers. Remember to remind viewers to share their videos among friends and family members. Also, advise them to use hashtags when they post these videos on their respective social media profiles.

Behind The Scenes Videos:

Behind The Scenes comprises of showcasing the day-to-day activities of your company, interviews with staff, endorsements by loyal customers, etc. Why are behind the scenes videos so popular with viewers? It is because a normal promotional video only talks about the corporate identity of your brand, whereas behind the scenes footage allows customers to relate to your company in a more humanistic way.

Live Videos:

This category is one of the most popular options for video-based content in the 2010s. Live videos are not only more interactive as you can shoot a video and interact with viewers (via comments) simultaneously, but they allow you to surprise old and new customers alike with announcements. Keep in mind that the location should be adequate, the equipment and technology should be up-to-date, and the message should be clear and concise. Facebook and YouTube are the most popular options for live video sharing.

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