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We have been here before. As we start to comply and master the updates across various social media platforms, it’s time for another set of updates. We are quite excited, as these updates help us deliver better results for our clients. Below are some important ones in the pipeline.

Messenger display adverts – what was being tested in beta in some countries is now being rolled out globally. According to Facebook where these ads will appear depends on how many threads a user has, the size of their phone’s physical screen and the pixel density of the display. Advertisers can buy through the Ads Manager or Power Editor, with Messenger becoming one of the automatic placements for Facebook ads alongside the main Facebook app, Instagram and the Audience Network of other apps and sites. Ads aren’t targeted by what people write in messages, and instead use the same Facebook targeting, measurement tools.

Centric: Clients that have ecommerce offerings will be able to fully exploit this feature, once the payment gateway is integrated. With the right targeting, conversions will be greater because of the intimacy of a messenger environment

Instagram business profiles: Facebook is continuously improving ways in which an advertiser can target. With the increasing popularity of Instagram business profiles, Facebook is beta testing to add ‘Instagram Business Profile’ users as a criterion for custom audience creation. And that too based on the type of interaction the user has had within a specified time period upto 365days.

Centric: Instagram users engage with a brand far more frequently than on any other channel and in a more personal way. Having access to that profile can help the brands improve the overall Facebook engagement metrics. Tactically sequenced communication can also happen between the two channels

Native videos: LinkedIn are in beta testing mode of integrating in-app videos. LinkedIn will add a video camera icon next to the normal camera icon in the app’s status update box. People can click the new icon to record a video using LinkedIn’s in-app camera or upload clips saved to their phone’s camera roll. But what’s more interesting than the video itself, is the data LinkedIn will provide. Apart from the normal metrics like likes, LinkedIn will also reveal the name of the company and the job title of the viewer. Not all, but a selection of the top

Centric: This feature along with the data has immense value especially for B2B marketing

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Sourav Ganguly

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Sourav Ganguly is the chief media officer at Centric. Leading a ten-man team of optimizers, planners, and strategist, he worked with clients to deliver significant returns on marketing investment. He can be reached on [email protected]