How to Use Facebook’s New Job Feature

FB Job Feature

Last week I wrote about what Facebook’s Move On LinkedIn Means. This week I’ll teach you how to create a job posting on Facebook. On LinkedIn, recruiters have to pay over US$ 100 for a recruitment account alone, so it stands to reason that they should give Facebook a shot when the option rolls into the Middle East.

1. You will notice an additional content tab in the status section on the homepage of the Facebook page you manage. Click the icon titled “Create a Job Post”.


2. A configuration menu will appear where the recruiter should enter the job title, description, hourly or monthly salary offered, location, job type, and a screening question.

3. After publishing the job ad you will be notified that the post will be visible after being approved by Facebook and will be visible on clearance for only 30 days. You will be prompted via notification after every application.

4. Once the job has been approved by Facebook, it will appear on the jobs tab on your page. Be sure to promote it to audiences that your ideal candidate. For a guide on Facebook marketing, read Getting Facebook Targeting Right.

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