Video is only growing, brands need to have their ‘story’ ready


A recently published Q2 Video benchmark reports a 19% increase in the time viewers spend watching video ads compared to 2016.  Both Facebook and Google have cited ‘video’ as a key driver for their growth in revenues.  It’s inevitable therefore for all players to make improvements to their video offerings.

Facebook ‘Watch’:  Facebook is adding original video content through Watch, as it’s being rolled out in phases.  With search/find features like ‘most talked about’; ‘shows your friends are watching’ and the ability to interact through comments – this new addition should give a boost to their already growing video audience.

YouTube ‘Share’:  YouTube Red is already offering original content (in select markets).  But now they have launched a feature for its world-wide users – in-app sharing and messaging.  With this feature users can share videos and chat with other users without leaving YouTube app.  Adding social connectivity, YouTube has the potential to compete as a messaging platform.

Brands will soon be incorporating these changes into their video distribution strategy.  With both platforms making it easier to interact and comment around the videos they watch, it’s important for brands to work with their partners to formulate a video strategy that’s relevant to the audience intended.  We already mentioned the importance of quality of ads.  Please connect with our Creative Director to understand more about our creative process in developing meaningful content for brands

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About the Author Parag Chemburkar

Parag Chemburkar is the chief creative officer at Centric DXB. He leads the most talented creative team in the region, tasked with pitching original design concepts to some of the biggest brands in the region. Aspiring winners of the Cannes Gold can reach him on [email protected]