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For many companies, a website is the first step towards building their online presence.  As for the development, there are many options available.  From developing in-house, getting a freelancer or hiring a professional agency and each has different cost implications.  Developing in-house means a steep learning curve for the team undertaking the task.  Qualified freelancer is a good option to consider provided there is a reliable post development maintenance and analysis protocol in place.  Hiring a professional agency means website development, maintenance and analysis are done by experts in each field

CareerFoundry lists few trends to look out for in web development

1. Artificial Intelligence:

The most notable example of how AI can impact website development is Grid,  an AI powered platform for website creation ‘that builds itself’.  It creates a website tailored to your marketing/business goals, with design elements algorithmically created based on the pictures, content you upload.  Wix has also introduced WixADI based on AI

2. Virtual Reality:

It will move out of ‘gaming’ oriented websites to more mainstream websites with companies like Google working on APIs to accelerate this transition

3. Internet of Things:

Web developers might not be directly involved in the creation but will need to provide a secure environment from hackers.

4. Technical updates:

There will be continuous updates on frameworks (Rails 5, Angular 2) and package managers (Yarn from Facebook).

Centric:  But this space continues to evolve with other players gaining traction like Phoenix (framework)

5. Static website generators:

Even though real-time content and interaction is almost a ‘must’ for websites today, there might be a case being built for moving away from ‘full stack’ way of thinking to make ‘static’ popular again

6. Design elements:

Movement, bolder typography, videos are design elements that will become more popular in creating better user experience.

Centric:  Voice activated user experience is a trend that needs to be watched with it gaining more popularity like the recent Walmart-Google tie-up

At Centric we have developed websites for clients from diverse industries such as publishing, United Nations and conference.  We keep pace with the latest trends to provide most advanced website development services to our clients

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