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ADIPEC is the biggest Petroleum exhibition in the region. Spread over 130,000 sqm, hosting 23 countries, 30 regional & international IOCs & NOCs with recording breaking 8000 plus conferences, all under one roof. The existing app needed a full revamp to incorporate new sections, features, Map with better navigation and easier categorization. Backend that allows live update and news integration from social media. New architecture was defined and categorization was relooked at by card sorting method. Wireframes were tested with different set of user, making sure the menu is easily accessible. Ease of finding required topics where measured and further optimized. This reflected in the design with the menu placement, quick menu and search functionality across product/category/industry. The app was well appreciated with 3000+ downloads (iTunes & Playstore), 4.6 ratings, 30% increase in session views and 24% increase in avg. time spent on app.