Web Design

We start by understanding the brand and how it wants to be heard. Our aim is to create compelling websites with flawless user interfaces. Web Design is an amalgamation of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, AJAX, and Photoshop. Simply put, it is a technique for designing a website from the front end. Make a good first impression with new customers on your site with design elements.

Design Approach

Before we begin, the team at Centric seeks to understand the brief provided by the client. After going over the provided brand guidelines, we implement the MoSCoW Methodology whereby Centric seeks to recognize what constitutes success in the final stage, what are the high priority items in the final output, what are the asks that are nice to have but not essential, and finally what items or features the final output will not have. After receiving client side approval on the deliverables, we create the backbone of the project which is the information architecture. After being approved, we move to the stage of creating and submitting the master design. Once this returns with the client approval, we work on the adoptions and hand it over.


Per our approach, all digital assets under web design must be responsive to the behaviour of the intended stakeholder that it serves. This also applies to the platform by which the stakeholder accesses the digital property regardless of screen size, type, or its orientation.

UX Strategy

After receiving the business strategy documentation, we scan it for the areas that are relevant to the UX strategy. This is followed by conducting a competitive benchmark to ascertain the best practices by the competitors of the client we are serving. We then pour over web analytics reports to determine what is working or has worked in the past. We then go back to the client and work out the personas and usage scenarios that the web platform will be visited by. We then look at our users will be interacting with the digital asset and work to limiting the steps taken from arrival to objective completion. This is followed by a roadmap with our findings and presented for approval. After approval, we create an internal roadmap that is presented to all the relevant teams to get started. The system is adopted to support social, mobile, and local experiences.

UI/UX Audit

We conduct an extensive audit to determine and diagnose the weaknesses of an existing site, the best practices in the industry, and the clutter free way forward for the client.

Like most audits, the purpose here is to discover pain points for the site visitor, conduct peer evaluation, identify accessibility errors, conduct UX testing, and survey the information architecture.

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  • January 13, 2017

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