User Flow Optimization

From the point of entering the site to leaving it, we strive to cut the user journey down to simplify the path from awareness to conversion. This is done with Google Tag Manager, Crazy Egg, C2 Inbound Marketing, and AHREFs. The user journey is tracked with analytics from the entry point and then experiences targeted messaging. This is followed by A/B testing across a range of creative suggestions. Depending on which visuals achieve the desires actions, we optimize and double down on that strategy. In the event that a cart is abandoned, the visitor is remarketed at in the context of their browsing history. In the final stage, our analytics derives meaning from the journey to understand how sales was incentivized.

Video Capture

We use Crazy Egg to record how a user goes through your site to determine what makes them convert or what causes a contribution towards the bounce rate.


Based on the findings of our video capture technology, we optimize what is working and fix what is not.

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