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We do Omni-Channel Design

Multiple devices, multiple brand touch-points and a vast digital landscape have made it necessary for businesses to focus on an Omni-channel design strategy.

So what exactly is an Omni channel design or Omni channel for that matter?

An omni-channel experience is a non-interrupted user journey with the brand. Consumers engage with the brand at the store, through the website, through catalogs, mobile apps or even social media. They access the products and services through phone calls, smartphone apps, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. Omni-channel design strategy is about bringing consistency to the consumer’s user experience. It puts the customer and his/her associated data at the heart of design allowing you to add more channels to your marketing mix while simultaneously giving customers the power to choose how and when they connect with the brand.

Our team at Centric understands the value of a smartly designed Omnichannel experience and its positive impact on transactions, user experience and digital commerce.

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