ATM & Kiosk

We have helped countless financial service providers embrace the future with digital first points of customer interaction.

Process & Approach

We look at what the customer wants, what devices they have in hand, and the available hands free tech to form a synergy.


We look at the internal systems of the client to reverse engineer a lean and custom solution. Windows Presentation Foundation, HTML5, Blend for Visuals and Animations We can use upcoming technologies within the realm of Internet of Things to make the kiosk smarter. The trend is to help the kiosk be aware of its surrounding.


We turn to HTML5 for ATMS and kiosks that need to be optimized to render neatly on devices.


This platform supports multiple languages, allows horizontal scalability, interfaces easily with the Microsoft ecosystem, and creates a unified environment. This is normally preferred where high security and close integration is required with the underlying Hardware platform.

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