Gamify for Generation Z with Centric DXB. We think, ideate and create the right gaming experience for our customers. That may be a simple online deal, a contest where consumers challenge their friends on social or the execution of more complex loyalty schemes. The key is to reward the behavior you wish and facilitate the surge of dopamine.

We build games on HTML5 & CSS to ensure device compatibility as number and size of screens differ as the person moves through the day. For games having complex logics, we use Phaser.io as a game development framework.

Process & Approach

We look at the trends in games that are preferred by the intended segment and formulate a natural association between the client brand and game mechanics.


We turn to HTML5 and Flash for creating games.


We turn to HTML5 for games that need to be optimized to render neatly on mobile devices.


Flash supports games that have a high frequency of audio and visual elements in them, and require high interactivity.


Games made for the social media platform perform better and we have a track record in creating native solutions across campaigns.


The #1 destination of consumer eyeballs requires responsive gaming experiences built for the mobile customer. We help you translate the gaming mechanism to the mobile screen without compromising playability.

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